Struggling to automate Native apps with Appium + Webdriverio+JS

There seems to be an issue with finding documentation for mobile automation using the tools mentioned in the title.

Is it just me or automating mobile seems to be very complicated because of the lack of documentation out there? 99% of documentation is Java focused which i dont understand why, i wrote my code in JS and i cant find any help out there if anyone has anything to share or advise please do let me know in the comments as im struggling to proceed with the automation i have built.


When I first started with mobile automation, I noticed that there were a lots of articles on showing complete setup with Appium and JS. I would start there.

If you are using a device farm (BitBar, ADF, etc) they should be able to provide you with JS sample code to get you up and running.


Thanks, i have checked everywhere i couldnt find much.

It has been years since I last did mobile automation.
Can you write what is the issue you are facing?
For a quick video check Mobile Automation Testing using WebdriverIO - YouTube

Also in case you want to do mobile automation with somenthing else check Testproject. I seem to remember to be easy to use and free.

Sorry, been on a mental sabbatical with a simultaneous release for both the fruit and non-fruit platforms at the same time, I really hate that. And I’m a Pythonista, I have to convert all the examples I see from Java to Python, so I’m probably not going to answer your question.

I do find it derisory that every time I bemoan the state of tool documentation, people think I’m just being grumpy. I’m also a little sad because quite a few regulars are mobile testers and have not chipped in earlier. I’ve never ported between Java and JS, but I’ve done many other language ports of code, so I’ve honestly never seen it as a problem at all. It’s important to note that one needs to be very aware of idiomatic differences when you translate code and in fact even the Selenium project do not get all of their idioms correct when porting the Java to the Python api bindings. But being proficient in both languages is a must. That said, I can only read Java, not write it. And that might be all the skilling up that you really need?

Finally do shout with any specific questions, we might not have lots of the technical questions on this board, nor enough regular visitors here, but even a late answer that hopefully backs up your strategy for getting past any roadblock is still helpful.

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