Appium with WebdriverIO cheatsheet or learning resources?

Please share resources for Android and iOS automation with Appium using WebdriverIO
Currently I donโ€™t find anything straightforward and often have to gain information from several sources.

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not just you buddy, not just you. If it was not hard, they would not be paying us to build this stuff out. Complaining will not help us much, but do search for threads on the topic here, and it will not hurt to ask on the appium forums, it just takes a while, and you have to be on the latest platform, and be prepared to search for and read every single release note that ever was because almost nothing worth our paycheques is in the appium docs, itโ€™s all in their release notes and bug-reports. But yeah, do find a thread here, or even link to your appium forum thread.


Iโ€™m thinking of checking out Espresso by Android.
Should I dare? :sweat_smile:

Hiho @hananurrehman :slight_smile:

Espresso is a great framework, sure!

But youโ€™ve just jumped from Appium + WebdriverIO (so, I assume, JS?) to native framework that needs to be used within the app project code for native Android app (Java/Kotlin).

Maybe we should start from the beginning, and list what are your requirements, what do you want to achieve, what is your goal for this automation?

My goal is to automate the critical user journeys of our mobile apps (iOS and Android) in order to reduce regression testing time.