TestBash Mobile 2022 - Test Automation Frameworks with Jaswanth Manigundan

For TestBash Mobile 2022, @jaswanth chose 4 frameworks he has used in high profile projects that he’s worked on with so many challenges:

  • Framework #1: Appium (iOS and Android)
  • Framework #2: XCUI Test (iOS)
  • Framework #3: Espresso (Android)
  • Framework #4: Detox (React Native)

We’ll use this Club thread to share resources mentioned during the session and answer any questions we don’t get to during the live session.


Question by @bartzet : Referring to your mocking example, did you add any mocking library to achieve that or pure swift?


From @arcigo regarding Jaswanth’s last talk :love_you_gesture:

About the talk :mega:

Web automation frameworks have evolved over time and have become very mature over the years. But the same is not true for mobile apps.

Did you want to kick start your journey into mobile test automation? Or have you found it harder to choose the right one for your team? Let’s get started!

Why these 4? The frameworks I have chosen have been used in high profile projects that I’ve worked on with so many challenges. So I’m speaking from real experience, rather than just the theory behind it.

Also, all 4 frameworks I’ll be showcasing are well-documented and well-supported open-source code-based solutions, something that you can use in a software development team right away without any blockers (like money, approvals, etc).

Framework #4: Detox (React Native)

We will be using the same workflow for all the test framework demos. We will write a UI test using appium for the chosen workflow.

Detox is an open-source framework specifically built for react native apps. You can run the same test on both Android and iOS without having to change anything, given the app is also written using react-native.


  • What does it take to write an Detox based UI test for android and iOS?
  • In what scenarios should you use Detox?
  • When not to use Detox?
  • What type of teams can benefit in choosing a framework like detox?
  • What level of skill set is required to write a test using Detox (so you can go and prep yourself for it).

About Jaswanth! :female_detective: :bug: :iphone:

I am a lead test automation engineer working as a part of the QE practice at Culture Amp led by the legendary Anne-Marie Charret. I’m a developer turned tester. Even though writing code to build applications is so much fun, my now best friend showed me a few years ago that helping write good quality apps is much more fun. I jumped into testing from being a developer and have never looked back. I’m very passionate about native testing frameworks for web, backend, infra and mobile platforms CI/CD is something I am very passionate about. On the web side of things, AWS CDK has been quite intriguing. I have been an advocate of Infra as Code since working on it. Devops is something that is quite exciting for me, especially given it is always evolving. I have been speaking at a few international conferences on testing and CI/CD. Saucecon’21, Ministry of Testing’s Testbash and UI testing week events to name a few. It has been so much fun building testing frameworks for a wide range of platforms including mobile, web, infrastructure and microservices. Please feel free to reach out to chat anything testing.

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Live answered

  • Saif Siddiqui: Last time (around 1 year back)when I used Detox the android setup was not at all stable? How is the situation now?
  • Karen Todd: Which video was your favorite to make? And which was most user friendly?
  • Saif Siddiqui: I see mocha is being used as a test runner, I used jest at that time since it is also from FB? Can you share your opinion which is better jest or mocha?
  • Anonymous You join a completely green field mobile dev project tomorrow, what are you choosing for Android and iOS?
  • Bart Ziemba: Referring to your mocking example, did you add any mocking library to achieve that or pure swift.
  • Saif Siddiqui: last question :sweat_smile: Test-id incase missing is added by QA or by the developer since it is a grey box testing tool? How you deal with the Test-ID challenge?
  • Anonymous: I’m investing £5m in Jas’s Mobile Automation tool, what features would it have?

Not answered :frowning:

Everything was answered! :smile:

Useful resources shared

By @friendlytester .-

Look forward to the clips going up live next week or so, bookmarking here so I get a ping.
I have questions about how we can use these automation tools as “assistive” tooling. A bit like going back to the roots of automation and help with “board bring-up” or “app bring-up” using the fancy frameworks to help in situations where you don’t want to actually write conde, and don’t want to spend ages installing tools either.

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Hi @conrad.connected , sorry for the delay in getting back to you. You can now re-watch all the talks on the site!