What web and native mobile app automation frameworks would you recommend if you had the choice?

My QA department is currently trying out Ruby + Cucumber which my boss decided to try out for now. But he also sounded open to Python + Behave. I believe both of these use Selenium/Appium, would you guys have a recommendation for what’s best right now?

I’ve heard playwright is good but apparently it’s only for web apps no mobile apps. But perhaps we should use that for web and something else for mobile apps?

I’ve also heard https://maestro.mobile.dev/ is good for mobile apps. I think playwright and maestro mobile are the shiny new things as far as I’ve heard.

But what do you guys think? What would you go with if you had the choice for test automation framework(s)?

Im not exactly any sort of expert on mobile application testing. (I have done some viewport “mobile” testing of web apps) My understanding is that Playwrite has some experimental android only functionality. Probably not the best bet. Appium as far as I know is the most mature of the frameworks. Mature isnt a bad thing as it means there is lot of information available for overcoming the inevitable problems you will encounter.

You may want to check out TestArchitect automation tool. It supports mobile apps, mobile web, web apps, desktop apps and can switch between those platforms gracefully. It is free. https://testarchitect.com