Developer in Glasgow trying to make sense of testing

(Mark) #1

Hi all,

I’m a java developer based near Glasgow who has become more heavily involved in testing. I feel we have always approached testing in a fairly ad-hoc way and really need to become much more formal and increase our expertise in the area across the whole team.

As we move to agile the limitation of our testing strategy and knowledge within the team is becoming more apparent and more of a problem. I am looking to improve my knowledge of testing and try to use this to allow us to test smarter.

I’m hoping to be able to lean on the group to benefit from the experience here, and hopefully, as I grow, become a valuable contributor and an active member of the group.


(Rosie) #2

Thanks for joining.

Feel free to throw out any questions.

There’s also a MoT Glasgow Meetup group that may be of interest -

(Mark) #3


I am sure I will be back with plenty of questions!

I have already joined the Glasgow Meetup group, it was actually that that led me here, hopefully I’ll be able to get along to some events,