Discussion: Testing Tools

Questions answered

  • How do you persuade those in control of finances to pay out for tools which would make your life better, or able to do something you couldn’t do otherwise?
  • What tool has helped the most with your career thus far? e.g. In terms of helping on a role, or landing new roles
  • What tool did you have high hopes for, but was surprisingly disappointed in, and why? Doesn’t have to be bad, just not up to expectation.
  • How do you stop people trying to have one tool be a hammer that is used for everything, even if it isn’t the best fit for everything?
  • How to broach the subject of a previous company employee has gone so far down the road on “X” product you are suggesting binning “X” time of testing development away?
  • Running theme of #30DaysOfTools is being tool aware. How do you keep up to date with new tools and releases of tools?

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Unanswered questions

  • Role play: I’ve just become your new test lead/manager and told you that we are moving to tool A. You currently have lots of automation with tool B and want to keep it. What do you say to me?
  • Whats the critera for choosing a tool? Is one tool good enough for UI and API?
  • Do you use tools like FileAid RDX to extract / generate test data? Or do you implement your own “test data management solution”?
  • Do you find you have a problem and look for a tool to solve it, or do you hear about a tool, and look for how you can use it?
  • What signs/heuristics do you use to identify if a tool is still fit for purpose?
  • What’s you favourite chrome plugin, and why?
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