Distributed test with Jmeter- Is Docker and advantage?

I am quite a newbie regarding docker but regarding distributed testing with Jmeter, I have come across this article:

Everything seems looks very promising but I have some questions:

-If we want to run load tests periodically and we have mounted all the distributed architecture in one computer (with Docker), we are consuming a considerable amount of resources no?

-Can we escalate the number of containers on demand?

You could mount the system under test components and/or jmeter nodes on different hosts, rather than all on one computer. In fact, it’s better to have them on separate hosts, for maximum load generation (or acceptance of such load), and reliability.

And yes, you can escalate or scale up the # of containers as needed on demand, it’s not necessarily automatic with auto-scaling.

That article probably doesn’t completely cover everything, only giving you a basic example implementation.

To do things effectively here, you’d need to know more about docker and related tooling like docker swarm, docker compose, kubernetes, etc. in order to effectively scale up the docker containers. And also to know about jmeter for how to run distributed test mode when you scale up for more slave nodes to partition the load across.