Selenium Scripts in jmeter?

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I have an automated script for a Vaadin application, and I want to use it for a performance test.
Vaadin is known for its complexity in creating scripts in jmeter for the random session, and so on.
My question is โ€ฆ is it possible to do a load test with only selenium scripts?

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Hello Bruno ,

Yes , i think it is possible with the following JMeter plugin

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Thank you so much Mohamed.
My question now isโ€ฆ The results of a perf test with this is valid as if it was made only with jmeter?

Yes , because you will have the sampler entry in the summary report as any other sampler , and as i understood from the following link that you can specify the start sampler and end during the selenium code.

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Youโ€™re the best Mohamed, thank you!!!

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It is possible, however be aware that browsers are very resource intensive and it is better to have a CPU core and 512 MB of RAM so your test could go smoothly. It means that most likely you will not be able to kick off more than 8 browser instances on mid-range laptop so you will definitely have to go for Distributed Testing

I would recommend reconsidering your approach and go for JMeterโ€™s HTTP Request samplers as they have much less footprint and you will be able to mimic several thousands of users from the same hardware where you can have 8 browser instances.

If you have problems with performing correlation of dynamic data you can try out cloud-based proxy service which is capable of exporting recorded scripts in SmartJMX mode with automatic detection and correlation of any dynamic parameters. Check out How to Cut Your JMeter Scripting Time by 80% article for more details.