Do you think the latest Selenium support Angular/ReactJS applications?

I saw some links on Google which say it is not possible. Please free to answer this question. Even if we know the answers, asking here gives a different perspective.

Are you talking about the “soon” to be Released Selenium 4.X?

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I know that Protractor (it’s using Selenium) and AngluarJs will no longer be supported by 2022

I’m pretty sure it’ll do just fine, as Selenium steers browser interaction and doesn’t really rely on what’s creating the dom? (Silverlight, Flash or similar aside)

That said, depending on your test goals, using cypress, puppeteer or playwright may be quicker and/or easier. Especially when you’re testing front end functions in isolation.

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For automating Angular/ReactJS applications, Cypress is the best choice as per my understanding.

Well, Cypress has its limitations. Take my word with a word of caution, though. I work for another vendor. Why don’t you read this for yourself:
Cypress will never properly work with iframes.
Cypress will never work with multiple browser tabs.
Cypress will never work on Safari, which is the 2nd most used Desktop browser.

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