Does Traceability Matrix works on Agile?

Hi do you have insights or recommendation if traceability matrix efficient on Agile Testing?


@chim : I think traceability matrix is independent , as QA we must do and with Agile it will be more easy to track , as with all dev epics / stories / task we can do traceability and if using some tool like Jira / Zephyr then it can be easily validated by quick reports.


Thank you for this Amit!

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@theology At first I thought there was no way we could map the stories/tasks/test cases against the Requirements using a traceability matrix. After seeing your comment, I am more interested in knowing how to do this using JIRA or Zephyr. If you have done something like this could you please help me with some steps or instructions?

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@sriharshang apologies for responding late. Please refer page for more details which is explained in easy way.

Also refer RTM report as an example

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Thanks for this interesting information!

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