Doing versus thinking


This wonderful article which has just been published really resonates with me on a bugbear of mine: why are we just doing what we’re doing, seemingly with our heads down? Why is no-one really questioning anything? Would we get a better result if we hit the pause button, raise our heads and question what we’re actually doing? What if we stopped doing something or did it in a different way? Heck, is what we’re doing actually adding value or just ticking a box? Are we testing or just merely checking…? Is our automation approach going to find bugs? Are we automating the right tests?

I’d love to hear from anyone sympathetic to questioning what we’re doing at a deep level or in fundamental ways. Or indeed anyone who thinks rocking the boat is bad … how do you live with not rocking it as so far in my career that just doesn’t work for me? I’d like to hear from anyone who has had success asking such questions and effecting change. What did you ask? How did you go about it? I’d appreciate any ideas you might offer on different approaches other than trying to take a calm evidence-based approach as so far that hasn’t really worked. I’m thinking when the quieter approach hasn’t worked, what can I try at the next level? I’ve tried speaking with colleagues who support me asking the questions and broadly agree with me. However they’ve no time to realistically beyond the initial chat. As for talking with management, same applies … but they’ve even less time :wink:

Articles/books/blogs you’ve read are also of interest.

I guess the point of my rant is how do you cut through, especially when there’s no time? How do you inspire others to take a hard look at what the team is doing with a view to shaking things up? How do you challenge the status quo?


To me this all comes down to doing versus thinking. There’s an illusion that being busy is being effective, but I’m not sure this is true… Being busy is, erm, being busy. Being effective … this surely requires more thinking activity than mere doing. What do you reckon?

Thanks in advance!