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I recently started using a network monitoring tool called Pingdom by a vendor called Solar Winds, and whilst this is chiefly a monitoring tool one thing it can do it execute “transactions” and then record the time taken to complete (then gather then data to visualise trends etc). Transactions are built by creating steps that interact with the page (click x, fill in field y with z, etc) but the beautiful element is that no coding is required - the application basically scans the page for the selectors. If a selector is not found then it can be very easily worked around and copied from the page by inspecting. A UI test to navigate through a site can be easily done in a few minutes. It isn’t intimidating at all - no coding required.

I am looking now for something similar which could be used as an aid to the testing - some something which has an interface which can easily be used by anyone. We have a c# framework but I would like something additional which could be used by anyone to create the UI driven tests. I’m looking at examples such as Test Cafe (by DevExpress) and maybe Katalon. It wouldn’t be to replace the C# ( I still want the lower level tests performed) this is an addition - the mission more to make the automation accessible to all.

Any thought or experience really appreciated. Thank you


Hey Paul, we’re a startup trying to rethink web automation and empower anyone to do website monitoring, visual testing, automation and data aggregation with no code.

Under the hood, we generate dozens (soon to be hundreds) of smart selectors that make automations very low maintenance.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

Fyi I’m adding a few video demos to the site next week to make it easier to get started.


Thanks @ardy, I’ll definitely take a look at this.


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Hey Paul, just wanted to let you know I published a quick demo video on the link I posted for you here before . I setup an e2e test in it for almost the entire checkout flow on a complex React web app (casper.com) in about 3 minutes. Hope it helps!

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Now I’m mentoring for 3 Junior Automation Tester in my Company. Actually they not really familiar with automation tools such as Katalon Studio, TestComplete], or UFT. You can search some course in Udemy for automation testing tools
Most of my colleague’s advice is learning Selenium in the long-term. However, I think if you are not good at coding or you are looking for a code-less tool; you should choose a simple tool with well-support and can use your script from Selenium (in case your company has used Selenium for a long time).
p/s: Cross-browser testing may be a feature you should consider when you choose automation tools

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Hey, Paul!
I have had just a small look at it but its definetly worth a shot https://testproject.io/
No special coding skills needed and it is really easy looking :slight_smile:

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Here are 2 decent options:
Ghost Inspector

You should definitely check out Testsigma! Quite easy and awesome experience overall.

Thanks to all the replies. I ended up going to with Katalon Studio and in the initial stages of rolling this out.

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