Email Testing: Which Tool?

I saw a question on today that I’ve never seen asked before. I figured if it’s such a niche thing, there might be other people out there who have a similar query and aren’t sure where to look so it was worth transferring to The Club.

What tools anyone can suggest for emails testing, such as litmus or email on acid?


Litmus and Email on Acid are undoubtedly the big players in this field, but here’s my personal cheatsheet for getting started with email testing:

Mailchimp has a built-in email testing offering, powered by Litmus:

… but you can only do so many tests per month, it’s basically a shareware version of Litmus I guess.

Campaign Monitor has their own offering, which is free if you’re on an Unlimited or Premier plan:

When testing emails (which is not very often), I also like to review Mailchimp’s email design docs to find bad practices I should be looking out for, and better practices that I could suggest in their place:

There’s also this free standalone tool, now owned by Litmus:
It doesn’t show you what your email will look like in different clients, but if you want to take the DIY approach then this tool will do the complicated bit (sending the email) for you.


I have used both Litmus and Email on Acid and functionality wise, there is not a lot of difference between the two. Litmus does have a slightly larger range of clients to check.
The largest difference is in price. you get a lot more bang for your buck with Email on Acid in my opinion.
I believe we get the pro package for cheaper than the cheapest litmus package.

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