Testing email template tooling?


So our team will have to test some new email templates soon and we were wondering if you guys had any experience with it? We are looking for a tool that supports many mail-clients like Litmus but I was wondering if you had any other suggestions/experiences to share?

Opensource/paid tooling is both options! :wink:


Kristof - what are you looking to test? Are you trying to validate the content or are you trying to validate how the e-mail is rendered in different mail clients? My employer - https://mabl.com - has e-mail testing options, too.

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The rendering of the emails, like images, styling etc

Will check out mabl! thx

Well! Its a vital step to test our emails before they go out and to ensuring that our subscribers are getting the best possible email experience. As sending emails without proper testing can leave you open to many mistakes, like emails not displaying properly in some email clients, emails landing in spam boxes, and awkward formatting in our email design.

So, here we have the solution for all these problems. There are lots of fantastic email testing tools that we can use to test our emails.

We usually require the email template testing tools to verify the following things:

  • HTML validation
  • Preview our email design and layout
  • Check our sender reputation
  • Improve our deliver-ability, and
  • Test our email subject lines

The following is the list of best email template testing tools:

  • Litmus : Litmus tool offers many email software testing solutions like preview Email testing before send, Collaboration options – shared accounts for teams, Campaign monitoring and Campaign checklist.

  • Preview My Email: This allows users to either upload files directly, copy and paste your email content, or send your email to a special Preview My Email inbox.

  • MailTester: This tool helps checking your email for spam-related red flags and will take a look to see whether or not you are blacklisted by major email clients.

  • SenderScore: SenderScore focuses mostly on checking your reputation as the sender.

  • Postmark: With this tool, you simply copy and paste your email code into the tool’s easy-to-use interface.

  • Reputation Authority: This tools allows marketers to collect the reputation data of the brand across online channels and social media tools, email included.

  • Send Check It: This is a useful tool if you’re not sure why your subject lines aren’t doing so great and need some insight into where you might be going wrong.

  • SubjectLine: This tool is used to make a check of your subject line both for spam markers and for suggestions to increase your open rate.

  • Pabbly: This helps in improving the email deliver-ability by removing all the unwanted email addresses from your list.

I hope this article helps you to choose the best email template testing tools.

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