Embracing the Future: Navigating the Next Frontier of Testing with AI

We had a great webinar yesterday with Sirajuddin Khan from LambdaTest. Sadly we didn’t get all of the questions answered so I thought I’d share all of the questions here!


Is there ever an occasion where the autoheal uses the wrong locator? Can you edit the “healed” update? - Áine

Is auto-heal smart enough to know the difference between fixing the code and moving the goalposts? - Gavin

How many “healing” can happen before it fails? I mean when all the selectors are auto healed or something like this - László Tarcsányi

What is the AI in this solutions? Is it getting better to identify flakiness or healing test? - László Tarcsányi

Can Lambdatest be used for non-web based apps? e.g. embedded apps installed in a handset/device? - Ivor Highley

Is it working for more complex css locators too? - László Tarcsányi

You can add your own here too after you’ve watched the recording - it’s currently available on Crowdcast