Error messages in the wild!

Every so often jump on this thread and share an error message. :smile:



Damn, I copy so much stuff that Iโ€™ve apps dedicated to keeping a history of anything in my clipboard :sweat_smile:

If someone would mess this up, I would swear I am going insane!

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Here are a few Iโ€™ve collected over the years.

Alertbox with no message

Hmm, I wonder what these two identical options do.

Choice of two identical options

So thatโ€™s what Windows thinks a successful display driver recovery looks like!

Display driver has successfully recovered

Line 0. Now where would I find that?

Exception thrown without a stack frame in Unknown on line 0

I would love to know what that argument was about. And I donโ€™t recall asking the softwareโ€™s opinion about anything.

Improper Argument

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My top one (which I was able to get changed): โ€œOur server is having mood swingsโ€ :no_mouth:

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