Examples of time boxed note-taking sessions

Here’s an example of a time boxed note-taking session. I explored the very cool Lean Coffee Table. I set a goal, used TORCH during planning and wrote as if I was sharing a testing story with someone.

At some point I’d like to capture example sessions that explore:

  • An API
  • A business requirement artefact (Story, Epic, BRD etc)
  • A systems/data flow diagram
  • A mockup/wireframe/sketch
  • … and more!

Do you have an example session you’re willing to share?


Hi Simon,

Loved your example of time boxed session.
Can I ask how much time all up did you spend planning/creating the session sheet/testing?

Cheers Kim


Thanks, @kimberley :blush:

It took me about 15 minutes to plan and setup. I started a timer and spent the next 27 minutes exploring. After I’d added a summary, the whole session clocked in at around 45 minutes.

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Cheers for this information on note-taking as I have noticed some testers not doing this for exploratory testing which can create issues further on with defect triage or resource management. These quick, noted sessions are a way of tester supporting the ongoing refinement of the software while being able to justify the use of the resource. I hope others catch on to your good work. Good stuff :+1:


Hi Simon,

Really good example, thank you. I still struggling with taking notes during a session, so this helped me to see how other do it. I’ll love to see an example on a user story and/or mockup as well.