Exploratory Testing Week - Challenge 3 - Exploratory Testing a Product

# Challenge 3: Exploratory Testing a Product

This challenge is one of the Exploratory testing week challenges that get you thinking about and practising Exploratory testing. Our challenges offer activities for you to learn new skills and knowledge as well as practise Exploratory testing. Whether you are just starting out in Exploratory testing or looking to try out something new. We have the challenge for you.


Exploratory testing is a fantastic way to get to learn how a product truly works. But it requires practise to develop our exploratory testing skills. In this activity we’ll get an opportunity to both practise exploratory testing and identify how we can identify ideas for testing.


This activity is designed to get you doing exploratory testing and reflecting on your skills and ability to come up with test ideas.


For this challenge we would like you to:

  1. Either create an exploratory testing charter, or select one from the previous activity if you carried it out.
  2. Using no testing aids, carry out an exploratory testing session for no longer than 30 minutes
  3. Once you’ve completed your first testing session. Run a second exploratory testing session, this time google for different testing heuristics and mnemonics to expand your testing. Test for no longer than 30 minutes
  4. Once you’ve finished your testing. Sit down and compare what testing you did without the use of testing aids, and what testing you did with the use of testing aids. Write down what heuristics and mnemonics you want to keep using in the future.

Some tips:

  1. Pick a note taking approach that works for you. For example mind-mapping, sketch noting or good old pen and paper
  2. If you don’t want to do an Experience report. Why not share your testing notes in this Club thread.

Share your experience report

Did you manage to complete the challenge? Share your journey to solving the challenge and what you’ve learnt in an experience report session during Exploratory Testing Week.

What we need from you?

All we need is up to 30 minutes of your time for a demo of your solution and a chat with our host, answering questions on what you learnt. Not only will you help your peers within the community, but we’ll pay you £100 for your time! We will be focusing on this challenge on Wednesday, the 28th of April, from 5:00 pm (UK Time), so you will need to be available around this time.

Deadline to submit

If you want to get involved all you need to do is complete our form sharing which challenge you took and what you would like to share. The deadline for submitting an experience report is 16th April.

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