Experience with qTest Manager from QASymphony

My department is exploring the use of qTest Manager as a test case management tool. If you have used this tool before, did you like it? Did not like it? Any drawbacks?

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Hi, we started using qTest last year, replacing the use of excel for test scripts. There are definite advantages like the ease of seeing how the script has been changed over time and if it has to be run multiple times for an issue then you have the visibility of which steps are failing each time. It also makes reporting a bit easier by giving you all the numbers right there in front of you and will generate charts with just one click. Session recording is also a nice feature allowing you to look aback over what happened in your test session and maybe use the screenshots to explain the flow of an issue to other people.
Obviously there are drawbacks as well, these might change depending on your context and how you currently work, in the beginning if you have to port across existing scripts then that can be a lot of effort. For us there are some types of scripts that work easily in excel as just a table where you mark off if an area has been covered for several different objects you are testing but in qTest you actually have to write out the steps to go through and add then in to a test case for each object which is a fair bit more work. Cost can also be drawback if it limits how many licenses you company will buy, will thy stretch to buying them for all the dev teams as well as the testers, if not then can be a pain to share test cases and sessions with people who don’t have access.

So there are positives and negatives to it but in general qTest has been a good investment for us and we are in a better place using it for test case management than thousands of excel files in hundreds of different folders.

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Thanks for your response! This is helpful!


We were evaluating qTest, Practitest and other test management tools and eventually chose Practitest due to its advantages, especially customer support, they are super responsive and available 24/7.

So in a nutshell, would recommend to consider Practitest.



Hi @lhooper
Just curious to get post factum info - how was your experience with qTest? Did you choose it or something another?