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I’m sharing this video by elizabeth hendrickson about exploratory testing Explore It? Explore It! - YouTube I really liked how she explained the way of her exploration and the different examples :slight_smile:
and I’m exploring the resources suc as Exploratory Testing Index | Maaret Pyhäjärvi by Maaret Pyhäjärvi

and I’m also looking for threads about exploratory testing resources, talks, blogs as I’m planning to make a workshop for my teams ?

Let me know if you have other recommendations or examples !

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@emna_ayadi Are in Maaret’s slack channel for exploratory testing, a lot of nice discussions happen there.


Yes I am, thanks for the reminder :slight_smile: indeed it’s a great place !


I’m curious as well. I’ve heard reference to exploratory testing charters but haven’t seen them in use. Does anyone get value out of that? I’m leaning more toward testing activities delivering artifacts that the team can review and grow since product knowledge is easy to lose on a big enough system.


I just use a minimalist charter, based on Elizabeth Hendrickson’s Explore It!

Explore registration functionality
with unconventional email formats
to discover edge cases not covered by form validation


Hey @emna_ayadi ,

Ministry of Testing recently published A Really Useful List for Exploratory Testers which links to all sorts of super helpful stuff.

(It’s something I put together during my TestBuddy days, which now that’s closed, fortunately, made its way onto the MoT platform).


That’s a great link thanks a lot everyone for your inputs !
What 15 min exercices do you recommend in particular ?
I find those tips :

  • Parking Cost Calculator
  • puzzles to show the team an example and encourage them to use it in their daily work ?
    anyone tried those exercices with his team ?
    I’m curious to know what they liked the most ? and what were their finding ?
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Many thanks @simon_tomes for all the useful examples and videos he shared about exploratory testing !

I have a new question, can we combine different methods together ? or we can run different sessions with different focus every time ?
Teh plan I prepared :

  1. I ask them to think about the mission (what’s the purpose of their testing)
  2. Prepare different charters of things to explore
    • Explore area (what) ….
    • With resources (tools techniques) ……
    • To discover information (purpose) ….
  3. Then run execute the session
  4. Debrief at the end

I want to link those steps to the first 3 steps you mentioned in this video Start Exploratory Testing Today – Risks & Questions - YouTube

  • a) what’s the value ? (the value of the product, can we also discuss it before starting the mission) ?
  • b) think about possible risks ? (can we think of risks before defining a charter or at the same time?)
  • c) Turns risk into useful questions (is this step also linked to to step 2 to make the charters more useful ?

What do you think ?


Your plan is very clear, thanks for sharing.

Combining the value/risks/questions approach with the four steps you’ve described makes total sense. And I’ve found starting with the value/risks/questions approach before jumping into charters is an excellent way to come up with charters. Cos they end up anchoring to value and risks.

Sometimes the “questions” can just turn into charters when reworded and sometimes I’ve found the questions become questions to ask during a session.

Good luck with experimenting with your idea. :+1:t2:


Thanks a lot @simon_tomes for confirming !
I’ll try the combination :wink:


hi @mirza , is that slack open for anyone to join ?


@sunnysachdeva yes it is, I can send to you the invite link.


The website as referred in the blog post in the first bullet can be used on iPhone. I updated the blog post.