Face Recognition Testing


I have an upcoming project where I have to test face recognition software.
So if you wish to identify yourself it has to be YOU! I’m interested in stories of how you guys tested it or what you guys would test?

I have some cosplay-masks, pictures of other people laying around and thinking of funny faces but it’s still my face, any idea’s on how to ‘be someone else’? :stuck_out_tongue:

What would you guys try?


Never tested such thing, but I’ll be curious to try

  • if it detects twins as same person?
  • if I use a picture if that person and not him is it working?
  • same person with/ without glasses or may be other changes to see if there are few things that can affect the algorithm

That is a very good question, I suppose they don’t see the difference. At least if they are from the same gender :rofl:

Thx for the input already.

I got some cosplay stuff ready like beards, masks etc :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m really curious to about the process like would it matter if you wear a scarf?


Sounds exciting tests! I’m curious about the results :stuck_out_tongue:

This is also a funny test, happy to help with that or other cases

My suggestion are:

  • use people of different race. Asian and Black people are difficult to distinguish by computer software made by caucasian progreammers.
  • in general, watch out for biased test data.
  • watch out for people with glasses, which might reflect light.

Another thing to consider is to look at the legal and ethical consequences of the use of the software.


That’s my issue, I’m all alone on this one :smiley:

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Maybe try some facial hair, or tattoos maybe?


You could try different lighting conditions - glare / backlight from the sun, dim indoors, evening outdoors. Also, try closing one or both eyes. You’re meant to look straight at the camera (I assume) so what happens if your head is rotated up/down or to the side a little or a lot? How far away from the camera can you get?


I know when the Apple Face id came out there where a lot of hack and tests done to try and trick it.

Maybe a quick google search in that direction might help also with your tests scenarios ideas

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aah yea I remember, I’ll look into it but if I remember correct it was a 2D face recog instead of 3D (I’ll have to test 3D) but nevertheless good testcases! Thanks!

Very nice idea, already switched my light with a smartbulb now to change colors haha :wink:

From the PoC that I’ve seen is that you’ll have to basically hold your phone and rotate filming from your left ear to your right ear so they see all sides.

The left ear to right ear thing - what happens if you go over the top of your head rather than across your face? What happens if you go under your chin? These are the extremes which people might reject as invalid tests, but how far away from the level path from ear to ear will it work?

What happens if you don’t take a direct path from ear to ear, but wiggle about? For instance, if your head’s still but the camera goes on a wandering path, or the camera moves smoothly but your head moves about?

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Just thought of something else. What if, while filming from one ear to another, the camera goes off target and points at whatever’s behind you? So it sees your left ear, your left cheek, the window you’re standing next to, your face from the front etc.

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Another set of tests:

  • make a video with your smartphone making the sweep from left ear to right ear, upload the video to the laptop, show the video on the laptop to the smartphone when the recognition takes place.
  • close your eyes during the sweep.
  • use a bandage on your face.
  • show a strong emotion. “I am overjoyed.”
  • wear earrings.
  • what happens, if your face has a beard and it is wet.
  • what happens, if something is swollen? E.g. the dentist removed a tooth. Your cheeck is swollen.

It is still unclear to me, where the biometrical match is made.

  • if the biometric information is stored on the phone, is it possible to copy this information to another phone?
  • if the biometric information is stored on a server, is it possible to intercept and/or change the data transfer? It is about the information of the face and the response of the comparison?
  • how is the data encrypted? Is the used encryption according to the standards?
  • in case of a server, does the recognition also work with a bad 4G connection with VPN.

I forgot one:

  • use a nose piercing.

That’s extreme dedication to testing!

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Don’t forget to make a racket about the funniest bug you will find when testing Face Recognition !

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I like all the idea’s keep them coming! <3

I’ll have to find a fake one :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course!


In my last job, they implemented facial recognition to check the entry of the employees. I remember they used:

  • Photos of the employees with/without glasses, beards, earrings, piercings, caps, masks, tattoos, umbrellas, etcetera.
  • Photos of the same employees with different types of hairstyles, emotions, and faces (joy, sadness, bitterness, etcetera).
  • The people themselves doing something random.
  • Many people trying to verify their entry at the same time.
  • Many people trying to verify their entry at the same time with people not employed in the company (we worked within an IT cluster) or other background objects.
  • Videos of the employees.
  • Photos of the employees with half of the face or another part of their faces or bodies.
  • Images blurred.
  • Photos of other people (inner or external) with similarities to employees (they found that sometimes the application recognized the employee but it matched it with another one).
  • Employees with different kinds of clothes.
  • People running or moving his/her head during the recognition.
  • Devices showing the photo of the employee.
  • Drawings of people.

It was funny to play with that recognition system jajaja.

Hope it helps!


The first thing I came up with while reading the other comments was:
Animals that look like people, e.g. 77 Celebrity Doppelganger Animals | Bored Panda

But more seriously:
what would happen if you would dye your hair, or shape it into a mohawk like Peter Wright?

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If I were a sensitive type, I might take offence at that. (Guess what the hat hides in my profile picture? :grinning:)

Artful Tester_TestBash me
(Graphic from The Artful Tester.)

Which actually leads to a serious point - what if I had a sudden bout of vanity and went out and bought myself a wig?