Familiarity - Featured TestSphere Card

One hundred cards. One hundred Test-related concepts.
Here on the club, we’ll feature a card from the TestSphere deck for people to write their stories about every month.

I challenge you:
Take a few minutes to think about your experiences with the featured card.

What bugs have you found that are related? Which ones have you missed?
How have you tackled testing for this concept?
What made it difficult or more easy?
What have you learned? What can others learn from your experience?

Take one of those experiences and put it to prose.
Telling your stories is as valuable to yourself as it is to others.

2 Heuristics

When I think about the Familiarity heuristic and a prime example of how to explain it, it’s doors that come to mind.
I’ve played quite a few games and most of them feature doors, ports, portculis, hatches,…
I remember a huge city gate in Baldurs gate opening to the same sound a dusty cellar door creaked open.
I remember opening a door in Harry Potter that, once ‘opening’ was acivated, would move Harry across the room so that the door could open. Sometimes resulting in getting stuck behind the door, having to reclose and reopen from a different position.
I remember being a ghost in World of Warcraft and being able to walk through doors, but not through anything else.
I remember making awkward handmovements in the direction of various doors in Skyrim and see them magically open up, as if I had turned the doorknob instead of a piece of air in front of it.

Those examples clearly explain why doors in games seldom feel familiar to how we perceive them in the real world.

What’s your story?