Fine Quality of Product. The missing Finishing touch

I have worked both at startups and large scale service organisations.
But i see at startups due to lots of hustling most of the times people deprioritize those small small issues fixing which can enhance fine quality of product, due to urgency and too many things in plate. And later on they get lost in backlog.

My Question is
are you also facing same tussle in similar situations?

Would like to discuss how to shift mindset of team from Working product to Quality Product.


Depending, on the client. My current client fixes them, previous clients not. It’s all in your definition of done.

I guess it’s context dependent and it matters of thr maturity of your team.

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I know exactly what you mean.

I think that one way around this rests in the way bugs are described. Saying that a bug is a “minor issue” or applying an importance rating of 3 in a four-part bug triage system downgrades such bugs and makes them less likely to get fixed.

Telling devs (and other people who matter) that “This may not be a serious bug, but it looks bad to our customers and may persuade some of them that we aren’t serious about the quality of what we are selling them” might just have a greater impact.

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