First time visiting Utrecht

Hi everyone,

I’m sending myself to this TestBash, and will be my first time going outside the UK for the event. I’m getting to Schiphol 3pm on the Thursday, and then leaving at 6pm on the Saturday.

So, for someone who has never been to Utrecht before, what would you recommend someone to see, before having to fly back on the Saturday?

I’m also staying at the Apollo Hotel, which after checking Google Maps is really close to the venue, so less chance of me getting lost and not having a clue of where I am going.

I assume there will be Meetups/socials on the Thursday and Friday nights? Whilst I don’t drink and I’m not social, talking to more people will be good, otherwise I’ll be sat alone in my hotel bored and seeing what is on TV.


Hello Lee
Utrecht is a very nice town, her are some tips to do Diffidently you need to do one canal tour. It is a total different view from the water.
See you on the TestBash

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Thanks for that Silvi, I shall have a look and get some ideas. I am a sucker for towers and astronomy, so the Dom Tower and the Sonnenborgh Observatory and Astronomy Museum look like places I will likely visit.

See you there!

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This would be interesting for you
Cheers Silvia

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I second’s recommendation of the City castle Oudean (, which is a remarkably fine pub with excellent food and drink on the ground floor, and a rather posher restaurant on the upper floors. It is on the opposite side of the canal from a rather good pancake restaurant, though that is at canal level rather than up on the bank.

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