TestBash Australia 2018: Where are you staying?

My flights are booked, I am all set to go! :tada:

Where are folks staying? Are you staying around for the weekend afterward or heading straight home?

I think myself and @melthetester will be around from the Monday or Tuesday beforehand (I have yet to book internal flights to confirm this of course!)

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Oh also, Ariel conference centre offers a 10% discount in nearby hotels.

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Haha this is what I came to find out!! Where is everyone staying? I wanna hang out with the crew!

I still haven’t booked internal flights and accommodation yet :see_no_evil: Thank you for the reminder @micheleplayfair :grin:

I know @kimberley said she had something booked

Intel from David G - seems there’s a few folks staying at the Novotel so I guess I’ll bunk in there! shall we make it A Thing? :slight_smile:

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I think @friendlytester was looking into an Air BnB for MoT staff (because there’s a few of us) but it’s likely to be pretty close to the venue anyway :slight_smile:

Heya…yip booked into a hotel called Vulcan. It’s kinda across the road from the conference. But… the Novotel has Friday night cocktail happy hr… I feel we might need to test this process :+1:



I’ll be reaching around 8 PM on Thursday. Co booked accommodation at the Waldorf Apartments. Just had a look and it is about 8 mins walk to the venue. I’ll be there over the weekend too, but may be having a roam around Sydney with family :slight_smile: Excited for my first TestBash!


Excellent! I’m excited to meet everyone too :grin: