Free snapshot/visual testing tools? (C#/Javascript)

Does anyone know of any free visual testing tools or libraries written in either C# or Javascript?

I’ve tried Percy but I can’t get my baseline ‘images’ (Which is actually a fully replicated DOM) to look anything like our actual site.

We don’t have the budget for something like Applitools at the moment.

We only need something simple - taking a few screenshots of critical flows around the site to make sure they haven’t regressed.

Many thanks,


The Test Guild had an article on that topic, there seem to be quite a few of those:


Hi Matt,

A while ago I made a simple framework in c# to do some visual testing which might meet your needs? It’s no replacement for things like AppliTools of course but it’s free :).

It’s available as a nuget package here or you can download/view the code here.

If you are after something in JavaScript, BackStopJS is something I’ve seen people use and hear good things about.

Have a great day,