Automating Visual Testing - Katalon and Applitools?

Hi there,

Just a quickie - has anybody out there ever been able to leverage the combination of Katalon and Applitools for Visual regression testing?

I have got my Katalon Test Case working which takes a screenshot and stores it to a location on my hard drive with a unique time stamped filename.

But I am stuck on how to automate image comparison of the equivalent URL screenshots between our QA and Production environments.

If anybody out there has got a similar setup to work, I would be most grateful for any steps to implement or pointers/tutorials for this specific combo.


I found this tutorial on Applitools Eyes.

How Dow Jones does Automated Visual UI Testing at Scale

May I ask, is anybody else using it with Katalon?


I think Applitools now offers a plugin for integration with Katalon

“AI powered end-to-end visual testing with Applitools. Available starting Katalon Studio 6.1.2.”

May I ask, is anybody using this?

hey Wayne, please advise more about what you are trying to accomplish with Applitools? Are you trying to compare your QA environment with your Production? Are there any actions done prior taking the screenshots?