Full remote positions in QA jobs

I donโ€™t from which country you come from all of you guys and girls, but do you observe that remote positions are very common in our field ? Or not really ?

Is it a trend that is increasing or decreasing in your opinion ?

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Iโ€™m definitely seeing an increase.

However, Iโ€™m on the fence a bit, to be honest. Maybe done right, fully remote works great, but Iโ€™m definitely of the opinion that some office-based is beneficial, if not just for building camaraderie but also for getting company knowledge, etc.

I like just being able to spin the chair round and ask someone a question.

I saw an increase during Covid, and a decrease after. Many companies are searching for cheaper labor in several rather developed countries, where they have some tax benefits as well.

Which countries seem to the most attractive out of interest? Guessing eastern Europe?

Hey, My office is in York, England.

I am the Development and QA lead for a team that is fully remote. We are still a very close-knit team and our productivity and understanding of our products/Code are exceptional.

This is not a cost-saving exercise either, it has been this way since Covid and an expansion of the team since. (No office space to fit us all in).

With the right people and approach, it works really well.