Fun testing challenges

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I volunteered to do a small workshop in my company for the testers.
The goals of the event are: Teamspirit & fun & educational.

Last session we did riskstorming, which checked all of these boxes. Now I’m looking for more similar things to do.
So if you have any kind of idea, let me know!

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Learning buddies in Communities of Practice?
(Ady) #2

I help run a community of practice and we came up with a number of challenges.
We started off with this in pairs, Credit to
which is more of an observation test but which lead to some good discussions.
Four hour tester has some great exercises and I particularly like Mary had a little lamb, and even ran an assumptions workshop including this.
We made up a few like, “A woman fired a shot at a man with her gun but the man did not die. List the possible reasons for the man not dying.”
There are numerous possibilities above and this exercise should help a tester identify possible test scenarios/cases.
We have 5 minutes to identify what assumptions you would make, what questions you would ask, what Test Cases could you create?
This generated another set of good discussions and theories that could be tested.

Good luck with your workshop and let us know how it goes. Ady

(Geert) #3


While going to TestBash Munich I came across things I will be doing!

-> A dice game, Marcel showed me one but other can be played. It took me way to long to find the algorithm, but I always enjoy these!

-> On twitter of @rbradshaw there was a challenge focused on communication. Each member gets the part of a jigsaw and you have to combine them without showing the others only describing it.

-> QualityMinds distributed coasters with challenges on them. One of them ended up on the table after testbash. It took 4 of us and some very interesting discussion to get a solution!

If you want any answers/algorithms/… don’t be afraid to contact me!

(Ady) #4

Hello again Geert, this new site by Viv Richards (@11vlr on Twitter) is designed to help testers learn Dev Tools with OWASP and Accessibility to come. Definitely something you could add to to a workshop and have testers pair or mob.

(Tobias) #5

There’s also which is a great list of different kinds of challenges.
I’m a big fan of
Unfortunately the original link doesn’t exist any more but you can check the challenge and the replies from the community at

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