I want to add a Page in my blog about gamification in testing with examples

Hi all,

I have an idea that I tweeted about it this morning to add a page with different games related to testing in my blog including

  • game name
  • picture (me playing it or just the cover of the game cards)
  • short description with link to the game
  • a racket explaining the game or my experience playing it (if someone want to be part of a game let me know we can record it together to add more thoughts on it)

Let me know what you think about it and if you have any other tips to share?

Also, let’s talk about games in my mind
Planning to add the testsphere (risk storming) + would Heu Risk it + Praqma cards + agile testing coaching cards + question for testers + scrum play + ? … (maybe more will come to my mind)

If you know other games to testing share it here in this thread.

update: I added 3 games


I very much like the idea! Not sure if you are looking for something like this?

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Thank you Kristof !

Do you mean a separate page for every game ?