Functional tests best practice

I have been working on automatic testing for a short time and I would like to know some tips from people who have more experience. What is the best practice in writing system tests for a web page? What is the focus, what is being tested and what are the steps to follow?


Oof, good question but the answer is probably most of the time context dependent.
First focus should always be the happy flow, the rest is project/context dependent. Got any extra info for us?


I work as an automation tester on a web application, and I would like to improve my writing in tests. And I don’t know exactly what is being tested on a page. What is normally recommended for system tests, what are the best practices for choosing test steps. What a test system should contain and how complex a test scenario should be. What do you focus on when writing a system/functional test?


As @kristof said, probably we would need more info on your context, since the value of any practice depends on its context.

I would just be mindful when saying you are working on automatic testing, since automating “the process of evaluating a product by learning about it through exploration and experimentation, which includes: questioning, study, modeling, observation and inference, output checking, etc” is something very difficult, to say at least. If you really do it, please share with the community, since it would be really helpful for many people.

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We’ve been DMing about his context, hence no more replies from me, just an FYI xD