Generated Test Files

(Dan) #1

Firstly, hi everyone!

Secondly, the problem.

I am aware that fsutil via cmd line can create file types of any particular size and format, but what I have been trying to source is test files that contain context as opposed to jibberish.

Idealistically, i would be able to access some open source test documents that are numbered 1MB, 5Mb, 10MB, etc and listed in varying formats. Otherwise to manually create these will be a bit of a pain if I am to make them precise for the proposed testing.

Any thoughts/feelings/suggestions greatly appreciated.

(Magda) #2

Hi Dan!

You could try with I cannot access the site at the moment as the whole of Germany is blocked there now but they have public domain e-books of various sizes and if I remember correctly they offered at least 4 different formats including PDF and hmm, was it MOBI, but also plain text and HTML. I’m not sure how large you can go with the documents there but you can always concatenate some if you need.

(Dan) #3

Thanks for the prompt reply, I shall have a mooch over there today!