Sharing files with many different extensions (images,vids,code,..)

Ever had to test file uploads & different extensions for images & video’s? I recently had too.
I wanted to briefly share my experience, I was playing it a bit dumb and literally googling “example jfif” “example quicktime video” etc etc until I recently found out about:

It has been so divine for me since I found it, it contains so many file extension samples for

  • videos
  • images
  • audio
  • code

I just had to share it, I hope it will make someones live easier!
I really can’t believe I have never found it before >.< :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow, nice tip! I also had never heard of this site before

I only just found .jfif the other day too @kristof . I assume it’s a jpeg header but with a different name, but a site listing them all is great. I have been hunting for ages for good video clips that are in the 1mb to 100mb size range, if anyone finds one with videos that show off “performance” well, do share. Image files are just such great simple ways to test data transfers.