Getting started with Docker?

I’ve not yet had the chance to use Docker. There have been several questions this past week about how to get started with it so I went exploring :slight_smile:

I’ve found the following:

Have you used any of these resources? How have you found them? Are there any others you would recommend?

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Hi Heather, Shawn posted this over on not too long ago, it would be worth investigating too

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For a very basic introduction I found interesting. There is also a beginners Live training I attended and really liked available on but the latter is a paid resource


I liked the articles in digital ocean ( to get started.

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I simply started with the getting started introduction. getting started

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Why do you wanna learn about docker? That will help to direct you to a good place to start.

I think it’s something I’m going to have to use in the very near future. It’s also one of those things I’ve heard some of my idol testers talk about using day to day so I’ve had it on my Trello bucket list/long finger for quite a while.
Essentially I don’t have a use for it right now but I may have one soon.

I would go for what the other guys and girls have suggested already then. Nothing to add :slight_smile:

That codeschool course @raul.nicolas listed is worth it for the title music alone :slight_smile:
It’s a good starter course but I think the one thing it doesn’t cover is how to get your own docker daemon running - the main docs on their site should make this nice and straightforward as long as you don’t run into any package dependency issues.

Also, although this doesn’t help with learning docker, it’s worth noting that Puppet can be helpful for managing docker (at least on Ubuntu); and they have a section for this on their site:

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A reply on Twitter :slight_smile:

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Hey @heather_reid, did you do something interesting with Docker?

I recently looked into the project and for a devops folk like me it sure looks interesting. I’m just lacking the testing domain knowledge to do anything practically useful :slight_smile: What would be the best application of Docker or this particular project in your mind?


I unfortunately haven’t had the chance to get to do anything with it yet. It’s been put at a lower priority for me compared to performance and automation right now. That said, I will be pairing with our Dev who is the docker guru very soon so I’ll update you when I have :slight_smile:

@neillb might be able to give you some advice so I’ll tag him on the off chance he can do that before I get to update :wink:

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Too bad. Thanks anyways!

Saw this recently on Twitter


Of course, then you will need to have some sort of an application to run on the container. Try to find something simple and see if you can get it to run there.

If you are looking to get started with Docker to replicate test environment, then read this article here-