Git Study Notes

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I’m sharing the following Blog on “Git Study Notes”.

I think you’ll be interested in it because Both profit and nonprofit organizations (think the Selenium Project) are increasingly using GitHub to host their code.

First, this means software professionals are increasingly likely to use the GitHub workflow in their professional lives. In this workflow code changes are submitted through pull requests where testers and developers can visually see the code differences and test those code differences separately before merging them into production.

Automated tests run at various levels of the system on these pull requests making giving teams possibly huge process and testing advantages.

I would like to know how git helps you in your project?

Let me know what you think below.


Thanks for sharing! Looks really nice! :slight_smile:


I’m working for an old-school client so they’re still migrating to Git - they’re using Subversion (SVN) for their version control, but, every other project I was on was using Git, as a tester I mostly used Git to make pull requests when I fix a certain test or make some (usually small) changes to the framework.

On the personal side, I’ve been using Git for my side projects and once I used it with a few friends during the last Hactoberfest. :nerd_face:


Kids are learning to use git at school (at least mine are.) I’m not sure they get it, but then again I’m far from a pro myself so I might try this out as a way to level myself up. Yes, using github for solo or group private projects is great, especially since the limit of free private projects got lifted.


wow! that’s good to know that you are going to learn this :blush:

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