How do you (as a tester/QA) use GitHub, GitLab or BitBucket?

Hello testers,
my open source team and I are conducting a little research/survey into how other testers and QA professionals use modern platforms like GitHub, GitLab, etc. At this moment in time our goal is to collect as much information as possible in order to understand the existing ecosystem.

For example my personal experience with GitHub (as a tester) is rather limited: reviewing PRs, opening PRs for test automation code and executing jobs in CI and waiting for them to report green. Maybe sometimes report a few bugs. OTOH as an active open source contributor (e.g. developer) l probably use GitHub much more than as a test engineer.

If you can spare 5 minutes of your time please check-out I promise there will be no follow up emails unless you indicate that you agree to that.

Thank you!


I do use it, not every day but I’m mostly looking into commits to better understand what changed. Or occasionally write some testing documentation in markdown.


Oh cool, I like this topic as it’s come up for me personally over the last couple of years.

I’ve contributed to repos on GitHub and GitLab and feel like I’ve adopted best practices learned from observing/pairing with the developers on my teams. As I got further involved in contributing to repos on projects, I’ve tried to be a good code base citizen - and learning there’s not a ton of info out there for folks in positions where they’re not quite an SDET, but write/execute automation tests (for example).


I’m confused by your question @atodorov .

But first I want to welcome you to the coolest Software Test Engineer community in the whole of the Milky Way Galaxy.

As far I know BitBucket is a self-hosted or closed-source Version control tool. I get the impression you are asking about open-sourced tools though. Is your question about tool choices, free-vs-paid tools or about whether software engineers contribute to open-source projects? If you are in fact doing product research, it might be more helpful to state who for up front.

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Hi Conrad,
thanks for the welcome.

Neither GitHub, nor BitBucket, nor GitLab (entirely) is open source. All of the 3 are very similar, they are built on top of open source components and only GitLab ships some of its functionality as open source. The cloud services themselves or their enterprise equivalent are not open source.

With that out of the way, I am interested to know how testers are using these 3 specific services because they are the most popular ones. I am not asking about one vs. the other, or an open source tool vs. a proprietary one, nor free vs paid.

I am interested in how a person who is in test engineering role is using the above mentioned platforms in their jobs. Or maybe not using them at all. I myself am somewhere in between.

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