If you were 'going Agile' and had a blank canvas. What Test tools would you recommend

Ditching waterfall, V-model etc and following the golden path of Agile.

If you were starting from scratch. From experience, what test tools would you recommend and why :slight_smile:


Speaking from experience, it totally depends on the the context. You don’t just pick a tool because you think it’s cool or you know how it works. It might be the most awesome tool for you but if it doesn’t fit the project then it’s still worthless.

So it’s hard to say :wink:

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tools, I would go with hiring a human.

People over process and all that… tools, are a misnomer, the word you may be looking for is technologies or methodologies. All tools merely are devices that solve a problem that another person had and where that person decided to (make bucks off of) later.
I’m with @kristof , understand what your goal is, and understand your context, then grab a tool. Or in my experience, try to create your own tool to suit your context. Not in praise of always building your own, not trying to advocate never using off-the-shelf things, but a fan of not being blinded in a world that is increasingly changing faster than I can keep up with.

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