Good times at the retrospective

While there were only six of us :disappointed:, we still had a great time :grinning:.

We shared tonnes of thoughts, feedback and ideas that will help improve Season 2.

Check out the concentration from @mark2.


I thoroughly enjoyed myself. You should buy Jenga for your next retrospective to gamify it! :wink: Thanks for all the feedback too. It’s given us some great ideas for making some big enhancements to the clinic.

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In the spirit of openness about what we want to do to improve Software testing clinic here are the actions we listed that came out of the Retrospective to improve our already awesome sessions:

For everyone

  • Consider a static meeting place for sessions
  • Evaluate order of lesson plans and announce session order in advance
  • Stickers that indicate a new person has come to the clinic so Dan and Mark can chat to them
  • Explore ideas around ticketing
  • More frequent retros
  • Get more conference sponsoring / prizes

For students

  • Think about ways to get new attendees up to speed / create our own cue cards for attendees to take with them
  • Reference books and further reading at the end of the session and introduce the forum at each session
  • Start working with companies for work placements/internship
  • Think about learning styles of students
  • Demos of how we tried to carry out an activity

For mentors

  • Begin with a workshop for mentors
  • Remove Slack move to MoT forum and set up lesson plan groups
  • For debriefs rather than share to group have individual groups change mentors to let students debrief to mentor

For Dan and Mark

  • Review other testers and their content on teaching software testing: Helena - Four-hour tester, Rikard Edgren, Maria Kedemo
  • More promo on Linkedin and create a Software testing clinic group on Linkedin (Traction)

Finally, if you have some suggestions for ways to improve Software testing clinic, we want to hear them so get in touch on the form