Happy Testers Day!

Happy Testers Day all! :slight_smile:

A bit of history about Testers Day: Tester's Day | Blog | StrongQA
I thought it’s a nice to know and happy to share it. Looking forward to all Tester Day meme’s/Posts/Quotes! Please share yours! :wink:

Or even earlier? Is it really true that the term 'software bug' was inspired from a true event when a moth created a computer glitch? - Quora


I ran across this article: Why Love Software Testing - it’s quite NOICE

Edit: @friendlytester is quoted there as well!


Happy Testers Day everyone!

Let’s continue to celebrate each other today and beyond. :raised_hands:

:thinking:wonders how many bugs have been found by all testers in the world since the dawn of history. Hmm. :thinking:


Great to be celebrating testers and all the things. Bug-free though? I can’t buy that statement.


I suspect most of us were aiming for Moth-free back in 1947. And it may have looked achievable.

I’m a little surprised that there seems to have been 2 or 3 dates assigned to Testers Day if you go by my twitter feed. Is this a date bug? …or just humans being slow?