Has anyone tried iMacro add on to test the websites?

Has anyone tried iMacro add on for Chrome, Firefox and IE to test websites? It would be great if you let me know your thoughts on how efficient & reliable the tool has been and if possible please list any Pros and Cons.

I have used iMacros plugin/addon on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. There is also a commercial version which gives more power to the automating activities. Here are some of the tasks that I could accomplish in my experience.

// Use it for repetitive tasks (For example: I wanted to submit the same form for 100 times. The iteration feature helps to record once and play as much as you want).

// Automate the complete browsing of visiting all the features and then see if something fails.

Now, the problem here is about handling the failures/exceptions and making the script continue without human interruption or human involvement. There is not much I can do with this, but it helps for minor activities and I call iMacros as β€œQuick Hit”.

For advanced automation, I prefer Selenium Webdriver. And for minor tasks or quick automation (record and playback), I use iMacros.

Maybe you want to try the commercial version if you have the budget once you research the features on commercial version.

I have used iMacros for basic smoke test or to test happy path scenarios for our website. This is very less time consuming and does not need much efforts. All we have to do is record the web surfing and then play it. The script recorded with iMacros also offers us the ability to edit the script incase we want to make any changes to it. iMacros is a tool which helps us getting the basic scenarios like login, Form filling done easily without automation. The best part of iMacros is one does not need to learn automation for using iMacros and it helps a lot in functional testing services as well.

iMacros offers following high level features:

  • It allows us to record and play the iteration scenarios that we need to run again and again.
  • User can pause the running script and provide desired values in text fields and can re-run the script.
  • User can make a script run in a loop and also can define the count of the loop.

iMacros comes with following advantages over Selenium IDE:

  1. Selenium IDE does not work with IE and Chrome, however iMacros is supported for all the browsers.
  2. Its easy to record pop up window with iMacros as compared to Selenium IDE.
  3. Selenium IDE uses XPath for finding elements whereas iMacros uses algorithms for recognizing elements uniquely.
  4. iMacros is easier as compared to selenium IDE as we just have to install and start automating with iMacros in no time.
  5. One does not need to have programming language knowledge for using iMacros.

All in all iMacros is an add-on that helps any user to record and run the script with less efforts. Hope this information is useful and you can come to in case need more information.