Hello 2 every one from another QA :)

(sikandar) #1

Hi all

My Name is Sikandar Hayyat, I have around 8 years of Software Testing experience.
I am ISTQB certified
Love to test & automate APIz
Like to learn & practice new automation tools

Have done some work with the following:

  • Selenium Web Driver
  • SoapUI
  • Ready API
  • Postman
  • Test Complete (bit of)
  • Documentations
  • Technical Support
  • Manual testing

I would really love to make new friends here, discuss topics, share my experience & learn from you guys. Also I like to talk about QA jobs & opportunities around the world (particularly in Germany )

Love you all…:):heart_eyes:


(Many) #2

Welcome Sikandar, it’s nice to have you here!

(sikandar) #3

Thanks Guys… :slight_smile:

(Diogo) #4

ISTQB certified?
Everyone, grab the pitchforks!!! (just kidding) :joy:

Welcome Sikandar, good to have you here

(Phil Halliday) #5

ISTQB is like a Bachelor of Arts.

Welcome Sikandar - lots of good people here!

(Chris) #6

As a Bachelor of Arts, I strongly denounce the previous comment (:half-smirk:)
Welcome! Hope you’ll find what you seek here

(Darrell) #7

Hi Sikander,

You found a great place to learn about agile software testing. Welcome aboard.

I have to agree with Phil Halliday. Being ISTQB certified is like having a Bachelor of Arts degree. In other words, if you are an awesome person, having either cannot hurt. :slight_smile:


P.S. some of the greatest CEOs in Canada have a Bachelor of Arts. :wink:

(sikandar) #8

I love Arts actually :stuck_out_tongue:

(Jean-Christophe) #9

Welcome !

And congrat for your bachelor degree in art :stuck_out_tongue: