Hello from Austria

Hi :wave:

My name is Samuel

I am actually not 100 % tester, but software architect and developer. However I am also very interested in testing and as I am working in a small team you could say I am a tester too even though it is not my main role.

I joined Ministry of Testing to have some interesting discussions, exchange ideas and to gain some new perspectives.



Welcome to MoT @samuelm

You don’t need to be a tester to be part of MoT since everyone of the team is responsible for Quality :stuck_out_tongue:
You can be anything! <3

Tell me Samuel, do you write unit tests? :wink:

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Thank you that is exactly how I see it too. :nerd_face:

Furthermore I see that the gap between testers and developers is anyway shrinking more and more. So at the end it does not matter are you a developer a tester, are you in charge of security - the goal is to deliver a good product.

To your question - do I write unit tests… I am actually a big fan of test driven development so as I see it a code without a unit test is incomplete.

Thank you for the warm welcome here at MoT. :heart_eyes:


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Hahahaha :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Precise :wink:


Welcome @samuelm TDD is awesome, the easiest devs I’ve found to work with are the ones who practice (and believe in TDD), it’s not just a way to develop software it’s also way a thinking!


That ’ s really true. I can even speak for myself … since I used this discipline I see coding different and I could even see how the the quality of my code really changed.

Do you find it in general hard to work together with devs? I heard so often that testers and devs let’s say have a hard time to understand each other. However I experienced it never myself so my guess is that this tend to happen in big organizations where testing and dev might be two different departments.

What are your thoughts about this?


My experiences have mostly been good, except for in my first company, which had very low standards in terms of software quality, so there was a lot of slacking of, but in my last two companies I’ve worked with really good developers and I got to admin that those stereotypes about conflict between devs and testers are thing of the past for me. I firmly believe that everyone should be doing testing and caring about quality of the software. Customers nowadays are very picky and if they get annoyed by your buggy software they will just use the competitor’s alternative.

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When the devs notice that you are a bit more technical then it’s ok. Otherwise I’ve seen bad relationships between testers & devs, mostly in bigger companies (with large IT-departments).

But yea for me it’s been good also. Especially when you can takeover a few jobs of testing from the developers.

@samuelm since you like unit tests & quality of your code… :stuck_out_tongue: … what’s your mutation coverage like? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Haha good question… Next question😛
No we don’t track that metric so far - but seems like there is already a good toolsupport - maybe I will give it a shot. Makes really a lot of sense👍