Hi from Serbia :)

Hi guys, I’m fresh blood in world of software testing, I just land my first job in this field, 2 months ago :blush:

I have one doubt, so I want to ask all of you. My current position is Quality Control Engineer. I’m testing software, finding bugs, execute test cases, write it and etc. I see everybody here are using QA term, or Quality Assurance.
So I want to ask you what is a difference between QC and QA? Can in the future apply for QA position with QC experience?

I hope this is right section for this question, if not, sorry about that, I’m new here :smiley:

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It’s the same more or less, you should focus on testing and improving your testing skills, fancy titles mean little to nothing.

Uzgred, dobrodosao na forum. :slight_smile:

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Hi @minister and welcome to The Club!

In the context you use in your post they are both the same. QC and QA, in your context, both test software, find defects, etc.
There is a discussion within the community whether QA (or QC) are correct terms for testing roles within software. The argument is that testers neither assure nor control the quality of software, as the definitions of both words have different connotations from testing. The argument is that the tester tests via various methods to help the team to make the software function as desired by the business.
I personally have no real problem with having QA in my title. I prefer Tester, but have realised it’s not necessarily what makes me happy, but my business happy as far as that title is concerned.

Regarding this being the right place for your post, I’m not too sure. I’ll cc @heather_reid in case this post can be moved to a more appropriate area of The Club

Again, welcome. Please continue with the questions. We are a friendly bunch and always happy to help.



I agree with you, fancy titles mean nothing at all, but I just wanted to know the difference between QC and QA, because all posts I read on the forum, just saying QA, QA, QA :smiley:

Hvala na dobrodoslici :slight_smile:


Thank you on this large post, now I understand the difference more. So at the and the QC and QA are the same thing? :smiley:

Thanks for the welcome :smiley:

From my perspective QC is typically used in industry that works on hardware, where you can test device and check whether it works within it’s specifications or doesn’t work. You can often see “QC passed” sticker on electronic devices and components.

On the other hand, QA is more used in software. Term is very debatable since you can never be sure software is 100% bug free, thus making “assurance” part misleading. So to simply put it, QA only “assures” that software has gone through some testing process (which may or may not be effective), not that it’s bug-free.

In company I work for my title is just “Tester” which is often associated with simple manual testing, but I’m also responsible for many other aspects of testing - development of test plans, documentation, automation, etc… And I’m totally fine with that title.

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