QA In Your Job Titles?

In my last role, the company had advertised the job as “QA Software Tester”. When it came to contract creation time for the role, the wonderful person who hired me met me for coffee to talk through the contract and ask me was I happy with everything I saw. I pointed out that I’d like to adjust the job title somewhat now that I had a better understanding of the role I’d be filling and suggested “Test and Automation Engineer” which they were super happy to do :grin:

Do you have QA in your job title? If you do, what does the QA stand for? e.g. Quality Assurance, Quality Advocate or something else?


At the workplace I use the shorter, Software Test Engineer.
Although I would prefer to be testing the hardware any day


Right now I title myself as “Tester” as that is the simplest way I know. A little story about QA as a title. I had different Tester titles for 10 years and then I joined an agile organisation that was pioneers in the country. So they wanted to distinguish between testers in that organization and the traditional testers so there we all had the title “QA Engineer” as in Quality Assurance.
Some years later when I was a “Tester” again I had a discussion with a colleague that actually had had the Quality Assurance title from the ISO 9000 auditing. And in his mind QA had nothing to do with testing since it was mainly reviewing documents and seeing that the organization were following the processes. So now I am happy to stay away from the title “QA”


I have a historical context reason for feeling ill towards Quality Assurance in my job title.

In my years in the games industry, there was a clear distinction between those who tested at the end (QA) who were also seen as bottom of the rung, and then those who worked as part of development proper, were called test engineers.

I think my main problem isn’t with Quality being in a job title though, it is the assurance part…I don’t mind just tester, but if we are a part of a team called engineers, perhaps that also doesn’t help?

So in conclusion, I don’t like QA went the A is assurance. When the A is advocate, that’s fine, but probably doesn’t describe what you do either.

Oh I don’t know, I have a headache now.

Let’s all be called Test Ninjas or something


Around here, QA and software testing DO mean two different things.

So if we talk about QA, you mean Quality Engineer, which means you are testing the quality of some physical product.

If we talk about software test engineer, you mean tester.

So if ask for a QA job, you will probably not be testing software.

However, you still need to explain the difference quite often, as it’s an unwritten distinction, and not everyone has gotten the memo.


Lol. Test ninjas would be awesome!


I have a QA in my job title (QA Specialist) and to be honest haven’t thought about it too much, I’m pretty content. The only downside is that the average layperson has no idea what QA means so in daily life I use terms like “software tester”. Honestly I’d prefer if more people translated their titles so something others can understand…

Personally, and it may be a language and culture thing, I always find “engineering” odd when seen in developer/tester titles, as I associate engineering with people who design and build bridges or buildings or telecom networks. And in my home country the term (engineering) is not used in the uni degree names for computer science programs. But by now I’ve learned it’s probably someone pretty technical, like in testing maybe they do automation testing or such. For myself I’d not want that title as I find it so unfamiliar.

As someone suggested, Testing Ninja sounds pretty awesome… :smiley:


My job title right now is Junior Quality Assurance Manager. And when I started working at my current company, I did not mind the title. We are a startup, with about 20 people and I have been a tester working student there before, no one would care what the title would be anyway. Or so I thought. Btw, the only person I may manage is me, as we have no other testers, just a whole lot of programmers. Now, 6 months later, I am not very happy with the title, because the bosses say it is my, and only my, responsibility to assure the quality, it’s my job to make quality happen. My team on the other hand mainly sees the “Junior” in the working title, and it’s always a fight to get the team’s approval to try something new, to improve our working process. And then I have to write them in slack a lot to remind them, as they tend to forget agreements overnight. :sweat:

Now I know, titles are important and I prefer quality advocate or Tester. For the next job, I definitely don’t want to have the word assurance in my title. :joy:


I ‘advertise’ myself as CIO (Chief Investigation Officer) as well as Science Advocate on conference badges, an online profile and similar occasions.
In the context of most projects I work for it’s ‘software tester’ almost exclusively.

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When I came into this business, I joined the Quality Assurance team because our focus was on data quality, challenging data collection methodologies and talking to external consultants about the robustness of those methodologies. Only once that was sufficiently settled to the satisfaction of senior executives did we turn our attention to our internal data handling and the tools we used to collect, store and manipulate data. It was probably anything up to two years after I joined the QA Team that I first looked at a piece of software to determine whether it was functioning in a way that meant it delivered results that were “right” and that the organisation could have confidence in.

I’d go for ‘Test Ninja’ as well, though I suspect my ninjitsu days are probably past me! I’d like to think I could achieve the level of ‘Test Sensei’…


That might be one of the most horrible titles I have ever seen. I hope you find a way to get away from it.