How can I grow into Technical QE manager from Lead SDET?

I currently have 11 years of test automation experience and working as a Lead SDET.

What are recommended steps I need to take to grow into a technical quality engineering manager?

What are some of key qualities, contributions, learnings and certifications, I should undertake?

It would be good to hear from experienced seasonal folks who have already achieved this :blush:

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Put simply, demonstrate to the person or people that can put you in that position that you are a.) Able and b.) Willing. A bit of luck may also be necessary as an opening would need to appear. That would depend on your companies growth plans and other changes in personnel.

I recommend reading The Managers Path to get a good idea of how to move towards becoming a manager and what it will be like when you get there.

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@gunesh to add to Brendan’s reply, I would suggest looking into further leadership and management resources. Leadership is a journey, as opposed to just the next rung on a ladder (note, I’m not suggesting your post come across like this).
There are some great books on leadership -
All Simon Sinek books
Turn this Ship Around
Extreme Ownership
and many others.
Follow leadership coaches/speakers on LinkedIn and check out their works
Toby Sinclair and Rob Lambert

Finally, also speak with your leaders and managers to see if there is something you can take off their plate. This will get you in front of them and so enable you to be in their mind for further steps towards your new role.

Good luck on your journey!