How can I test electronic ID verification in my test environment?

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My team are working on implementing a third party electronic id verification process in our website. This process will be embedded as part of our current member registration process.

The process at high level:
The member registering will need to take a ‘selfie’ and provide id documents. If a match is successful, then the member can continue creating login details and login to the website.

I was unsure how we’d go about automating the testing of this process, and what kind of test cases should be considered as part of this development?

What I would like to test:

  • is our product and the 3rd party EIDV process communicating ok? (integration tests)
  • to test the end to end journey (if possible as a selfie is required to be taken in real time)

Any comments or feedback will be appreciated!
Thank you.


This probably falls into the same category of testing that testing “email sending” and “pdf printing” does @shivangi.parekh . Basically there will be a 3rd party service you are using, and that service will also have a self-test. In much the same way as payment systems have self tests. So you want to plumb into that once you get some CI/CD set up going. The self-test will have a special result code probably, since it’s not a valid check of payment for example, but it gives you a way to verify the plumbing and the API versions are all matching up still.

Hope that helps. And do have a search through these forums for more perspectives on how people have solved similar problems. But mostly welcome to the most awesome software testing community in the world. :sunglasses:


often 3rd parties have test users (and test documents), which you can use to validate your integration. Never use you personal ID to validate those APIs.

You should look for something called a ‘Sandbox’ environment.
We used to do 3rd party integration with ID checkers, facial recognition, SMS etc

With the sandbox you can do everything the same, just every output is controllable. Send emails to a QA emailbox, text messages towards a slack channel. Deny/Accept ID checkers.

The 3rd party which you use to integrate with, always have several test users/data.
Never use your identity details. They often provide example APIs

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