How can QA perform testing in DevOps?

We all knows that DevOps is a combination of both Development and Operations. So how the role and responsibility changes for a QA to perform testing effectively in DevOps?

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I would say it doesn’t change, apart from maybe being more work.
My own personal experience is that the people doing DevOps are a bit more unstructured than normal developers. More likely to make untested changes, hacks, etc…

Similar in some ways to code written for automated testing. Unit testing of Test or DevOps code seems rare. How many build scripts follow SOLID principles, have tests and are robust to change?

However, I am be painting a poor picture and maybe there are better examples out there.

So, everything you might do for a feature change in a code base, do for changes in the DevOps space.
E.g. what requirements are there, what problem is being solved, do you have a clear DoD, is the change reviewed, manually tested, etc…

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