How did you find TestBash Germany?

For those of you that attended TestBash Germany a few weeks back, now that you’ve had time to reflect, how did you find the event?
What did you learn? Take back to the office? Which talk resonated with you most? Did you like the venue?

We really want to hear your thoughts!

Well Testbash Germany seems like ages ago and the talk which resonated the most it was not one talk they were three:

  • Alex Schladebeck
  • Lisl Hocke
  • Kathrine Clokie

They all made me think of how I act within projects and that you should sometimes standup and speak what is on your mind. For a project introvert like me that is quite difficult.
The venue was super, good reachable and just around the corner of everything.

The talk that resonated the least was funny enough the talk of Vasco Duarte which was more of
sales pitch to me rather than a presentation telling us how we as testers can benefit from this paradigm. The talk I had with him during lunch how ever was a whole different kind of talk, less pushy and more intetrested in the person.

In retrospect to the Dutch Testbash, I found it sad that there was no workshop day as in NL that was one that gave me more insights than the talks. Doing stuff is so much more fun than just sit back and listen.

The 99 seconds talks were diverse and was a great experience to do. See you soon

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Thanks for the feedback Tom, really appreciate you taking the time.
No workshops is how we start new TestBashes. We try and stay lean as to reduce the risk of moving to a new city.
TBNL was the exception to that rule.