How do you overcome challenges when sharing new ideas?

I really liked this question shared during ReTestBash, do you have experiences you can share and how you overcame the challenges?

Can you share a personal experience where you had a brilliant testing idea but faced challenges in persuading your team to adopt it?

Anonymous question from ReTestBash.

Hey @mcgovernaine ,
Whenever I have a good idea, I start to build different narratives around it such as;
What is the value that this will add to the products we are testing?
What would the harshest critic say about its potential limitations?
Does any of this involve a cultural change that involves other teams input?
I would suggest you do this a few times, because every time you ask yourself the question, more answers will come - Then at least, when you bring the idea up with the team, they may ask some of those questions and you will have an answer already prepped.
Hope that helps

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