How do you present the already automated scenarios/flows to the team?


I’m currently working in a team where I’m the only QA engineer responsible for creating automated tests (API, web and mobile). My main difficulty at the moment is to communicate/present to the team, in a clear way, which scenarios/flows are already automated. So I would like to know:

  • How do you communicate/present to your team the existing coverage of automated testing?
  • How do you track the scenarios/flows that are automated and the scenarios/flows pending for automation?

Very good question, eager to hear what the rest has to say.

We currently do it like so: We use Azure DevOps and have “TestPlans” activated. We have a tester who writes most of the scenario’s and we categorize them as API/UI/Manual test. If you write another automated tests which isn’t covered in those scenario’s, you can just add it.

Nothing fancy but it works like a charm.


At my last job we used X-ray in Jira for that, automation candidates would just have a status “to be automated”, if test was not to be automated they remained in “manual” status. It was a pretty simple setup but it worked since it was visible to everyone.

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